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I hiatused from my game for the month. Decided to focus more on grabbing more hours to make more money, but then I went and threw in a reserve at another game and lol. Eventually, I will get my priorities straight. I've had the urge to write but when you've been RPing for months, writing solo feels really weird.

And then when I'm solo, I want to collaborate.

Will she ever be happy? No.
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Mello's birthday.

I want fifty bucks.
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Let's, instead, talk about being forced to listen to Christmas music all day at work. All day, while you watch customers come and go, some happier than they should be during this time of year. Parents yelling at their children, threatening no Christmas if they don't behave. Couples bickering at each other over a sandwich: wives answering for husbands; husbands becoming annoyed. People scraping up change to pay for a meal and the cashiers get annoyed at the pennies. Pennies that could have purchased seven times as much at Wendy's just a few feet away. Managers pushing us to sell sell sell when all we want to do is go home. Holiday preferences offending others with different preferences, reminders to say, "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas" so we aren't the source of offense. We'd rather say nothing at all.
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So all of the crazy people in the world decided to come to Texas and form... The Republic of Texas.

And that Austin dude was like yeah, I'm gonna get like 300 families and go settle there. Fuck Tennessee. And they were like hey, this works. Here, you can have four more settlements.

And the Spanish were like, "Whichever cattle are not branded upon the ass henceforth belong to the Spanish king" and everyone in Texas was like lol >> *brands all the cattle*

And then this dude pointed to a bunch of places and was like "This is ours and this is ours and this is ours and this---over here, what is this...idk, but it's ours!" which would've made TX bigger than the U.S.

And then a bunch of dudes were like ALAMO and shit went down. Hard.

I do not give a fuck about Texas history, oh my god.

Oh, OH, and then they were like, yeah, if shit goes down in the U.S., we're out. We reserve the right to be out.

Which holds to this day.
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Fucking lol. I endorse today's Writer's Block.

Happy 4/20~~

No, I no longer am able to celebrate.

I should, for nostalgia's sake. But I won't. (Totally should)
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I've already written more today than I have in a month, so in the spirit of actually being on LJ, I've decided to post 26 songs that I enjoy immensely, ranging in alphabetical order (artist).

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Same bands, different songs, easier listening:

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Day 02 - Your least favorite song


Let's forget that the artist, herself, sucks. You ever hear a song that sucks so fucking much that it makes you nauseous when you hear it? Yeah. This.

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And I might see this one through.

30 Days of Music Meme

Day 01 - Your favorite song

Toadies: Possum Kingdom

I think that to anyone who knows me, this song is well-known as my favorite song of all time. I've explained why too many times to too many people, so yeah. There it is.

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Mute. Just because. Also:

Peruvian chocolate. Proving, in one moment, that there are wonderful things on earth, and that my camera is completely unable to take a clear picture, even when I try to force it.
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May as well start this whole photo shit up, right? I'll definitely notice the difference, when I get my indulgent camera.

Ren Faire, somewhere in the sticks about an hour from Houston. A really nice bench. That's about it.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 01:28 am
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anon meme

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I usually don't devote time and energy in order to complain, at length, about movies that I hate. But good god. This movie would have been terrible even if it wasn't trying to be a Death Note Movie.

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So that's about it. To point out every little thing that is wrong with this movie would be to upload it to this post, which I have no desire to do. Those are just basically the things that stood out to me.

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