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Mello's birthday.

I want fifty bucks.
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Let's, instead, talk about being forced to listen to Christmas music all day at work. All day, while you watch customers come and go, some happier than they should be during this time of year. Parents yelling at their children, threatening no Christmas if they don't behave. Couples bickering at each other over a sandwich: wives answering for husbands; husbands becoming annoyed. People scraping up change to pay for a meal and the cashiers get annoyed at the pennies. Pennies that could have purchased seven times as much at Wendy's just a few feet away. Managers pushing us to sell sell sell when all we want to do is go home. Holiday preferences offending others with different preferences, reminders to say, "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas" so we aren't the source of offense. We'd rather say nothing at all.
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Fucking lol. I endorse today's Writer's Block.

Happy 4/20~~

No, I no longer am able to celebrate.

I should, for nostalgia's sake. But I won't. (Totally should)

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