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Carrie ([personal profile] starfcker) wrote2011-10-16 03:43 pm
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This is pretty much how it happened

So all of the crazy people in the world decided to come to Texas and form... The Republic of Texas.

And that Austin dude was like yeah, I'm gonna get like 300 families and go settle there. Fuck Tennessee. And they were like hey, this works. Here, you can have four more settlements.

And the Spanish were like, "Whichever cattle are not branded upon the ass henceforth belong to the Spanish king" and everyone in Texas was like lol >> *brands all the cattle*

And then this dude pointed to a bunch of places and was like "This is ours and this is ours and this is ours and this---over here, what is this...idk, but it's ours!" which would've made TX bigger than the U.S.

And then a bunch of dudes were like ALAMO and shit went down. Hard.

I do not give a fuck about Texas history, oh my god.

Oh, OH, and then they were like, yeah, if shit goes down in the U.S., we're out. We reserve the right to be out.

Which holds to this day.

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